What’s the difference between the “Satellite View” and the “Street View” of the Culture Map?

Our Satellite View provides an overview of the region. Elements include a brief history, geography, demographics, customs, weather, language, common phrases, transportation, government, economy, current events, and more.

Our Street View is tailored to your needs … specific information that will make your time abroad a success. Examples include area attractions, business etiquette, specific phrases, a-day-in-the-life snapshot, detailed transportation information, and local markets and industries. Whatever you need.


Where do you get your information?

Our teams at Global Prep Squad pull information from multiple sources. In addition to our exclusive access to numerous academic databases, we use the CIA Factbook, the Peace Corps training manual, and cultural anthropology case studies. We also find valuable information from cultural YouTube videos (especially for a-day-in-the-life snapshots). GPS also acquires information from partners, such as the International Relations Council and Rotary. As for industry/business/marketing information, Summit Technology Academy provides access to numerous specialists and business partners.

Basically, we have access to information you won’t find using Google.

What is the fee for GPS services?

The services provided by the Global Prep Squad are free. Amazing, right? You get the information you need, and we get the work experience. We think that’s a pretty good deal.

I’m a busy person. Is this going to take a lot of my time?

Not really. The time commitment is based on the services you need.

  • Culture Map – Satellite View – This is a simple two-minute phone call or quick email.
  • Culture Map – Street View – This level of service typically requires a 15- to 30-minute interview (in person or over the phone) and responses to two or three emails.
  • Group Training – This service requires a bit of back-and-forth communications, so the time commitment is a little more. It averages about one hour per week (over three to four weeks).
How long will it take to complete my project?

Again, the amount of time depends on the services you need.

  • Culture Map – Satellite View – If it’s a region we’ve already researched, you’ll have the Culture Map within a day. If it’s a new region, we can pull together the report within a week.
  • Culture Map – Street View – Once we’ve conducted our interview with you, we can provide you with a Culture Map within 14 days.
  • Group Training – Group training requires three to four weeks of prep time.
Can GPS come to me?

Most definitely! That’s our preference. However, there are time restrictions, so we’ll need to coordinate schedules.

Can I visit the campus?

We would love that! Simply call or send an email to our class facilitator, Curt Cook (816-984-3426; curtis.cook@lsr7.net) to schedule a visit.

What is the connection between the Global Prep Squad and the school district?

The Global Prep Squad is a business operated by students of the international studies program at the Summit Technology Academy (STA).
STA is an innovative and advanced educational experience that prepares high school juniors and seniors for college and career success. Hosted by the Lee’s Summit R-7 School District, STA is open to students from more than 30 schools in the Greater Kansas City area.

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